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Copier Tabs

Copier TabsCopier Tabs

Sometimes you just need a couple of sets at a time. If you regularly need only a handful of sets for in-office use, pre-made index tabs you print yourself are a cost-effective and convenient alternative to store bought dividers.

Copier tabs are available with or without toner-receptive Mylar. Copier tabs with printable color Mylar are also available as a special order.

Copier tabs are most commonly purchased in a 5th or 8th cut and both are available for same-day shipping. Other cuts are made to order and usually ship in two days.

Copier tabs are also customizable. For example, we can produce them on your favoured colour stock, or can print your corporate colours on the paper underneath the printable film.

Copier Tabs (Plain paper / No Mylar)
Sets of 5 Sets of 8 Sets of 10
50 sets $37 (0.75 per set) $48 (0.96 per set) $85 (1.70 per set)
100 sets $60 (0.60 per set) $80 (0.80 per set) $100 (1.00 per set)
250 sets $87 (0.35 per set) $130 (0.52 per set) $160 (0.64 per set)