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Custom Index TabsTab Finishing Servicess

Tab-it Plus is proud to offer tab finishing for supplied pre-printed stock. Common services include:

• Die-cutting (no Mylar)

• Tab cutting (with Mylar)

• Spine reinforcement, including application of double-sided tape

• Drilling

• Collating

• Template and artwork preparation

Die Size Our tab dies are 1/2" or 3/8" wide. Please specify if the latter is requested.

Layout Please ensure the type on the tab stays centred within the 1/2" extension so all text is visible on the finished product. For type that is reversed out on a solid bar, print and trim that edge so the bar is 7/16" wide, rather than the 1/2" you might expect. Layout forms and other assistance are available on this site or upon request. Please call if more clarification is needed.

Trimming and Gripper There is no gripper requirement; please supply all stock trimmed to its final size (usually 9x11), packed in cartons. For perfect-bound books, leave necessary excess on the non-tabbed edges but do trim so the edge to be tabbed is exposed and flush -- we cannot move the dies inward from the edge of the sheet.

Stock Weight Minimum weight for the hand-fed machines is 100lb text. For the high-speed machines, ask about anything lighter than 65lb cover or thicker than 12pt.

Printing - Offset To avoid track and smudging and for proper Mylar adhesion on heavy coverage, use heat-resistant inks and wax-free varnish -- No AQ, which fogs and bubbles. Text only on uncoated stock is generally trouble-free.

Printing - Digital As with offset, digitally imaged stock is variously successful with Mylar. Machines which use fuser oil or which are not set to the right temperature tend to result in Mylar peeling or toner flaking. As a rule Xerox machines (incliding iGen) are best for die-cut only jobs. For this reaon we have colour machines on-site.

UV coating or full-body laminate These are necessarily die-cut only, as tabbing film will not adhere to these surfaces.

Overs Some overs are required for setup and misfeeds, usually 2 to 5% per operation (Mylar, cut, reinforce, drill). Please advise whether chargeable overs are being supplied -- if not chargeable by you, we will produce the quantity ordered plus a few samples. In the case of orders marked run all, we will run all and charge appropriately.

We put an exceptional amount of effort into ensuring each tab that leaves our plant is perfect -- We find that within these parmeters, most jobs run as anticipated in a single pass; those which require extra handling or resealing will be subject to an hourly fee. If you are not sure we have the right combination of stock and Mylar for your job, we are more than happy to run a few samples for you before you commit to the full run.