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Tips for Better Tabs

For the best results you should allow Tab-it Plus to set up and print your tabs. If you decide to print your own tabs please ensure that you follow the following recommendations. At Tab-it Plus we will do the best we can to make your job look perfect but if the tabs are improperly set or the wrong ink is used there is only so much we can do.


Set Up We have templates available to help you with this, or can supply you with a job-specific template for odd cuts – just ask!

Digital Printing Devices that use oil in the fuser can not be used to print tabs that will be receiving Mylar, as the wax compromises the seal and causes the Mylar to peel. It is no problem for die-cut only tabs..

Offset Printing Instead of AQ, please use a wax free varnish and heat resistant ink if you are printing tabs with considerable coverage that require Mylar. Failure to do so will result in air bubbles and a cloudy finish that is especially difficult to correct; we can attempt to fix it for an extra hourly fee, but most of the time it’s best to avoid the problem entirely with different ink choices. If you aren’t sure about an ink’s appropriateness, we are more than happy to run a few test sheets.

Knock Out / Reverse Print Tabs In this situation close enough is not close enough – for 0.5" tabs print the colour bar about 12mm wide (plus bleed over the outside edge) so the colour doesn’t leave a line along the tab body. For this reason we find it best to trim the tab edge first, and then make up the 9" on the spine edge. Measure the bar with a ruler often when trimming

Advance Warning Our daily cut-off is 1pm. If a job is in the works, please give Tab-it Plus as much notice as possible so we can schedule it in – jobs we know about receive priority over "walk-ins," which are done in the order in which they arrive.

Trimming To avoid production delays, please trim your stock to size prior to shipping rather than leaving them on 11x17 or 12x18. Because this isn’t always possible, we do have a knife for trimming for a fee.